Claire Danes is now primarily associated with her work on 'Homeland', but there once was a time in the '90s when she was known as Angela Chase, the free-spirited teenager on 'My So-Called Life'.

In a recent interview on Howard Stern, Danes talked about her time on the series and brought up her on-screen relationship with Jared Leto's character, Jordan Catelano. "He brought me to my first club when I guess, I was 14, he was very fraternal with me," explained Danes. "At the time, he seemed ancient. I was 14, he was 21 or something."

While all that might seem a bit innocent as such, it gets a bit strange in retrospect when you consider that the two of them were in an on-screen relationship. "There was these stage directions that said, 'Angela kisses Jordan's face', and I was like, 'What? What is that?'... and it was, yeah, and he had to teach me," laughed Danes.

As Danes points out, Jared Leto was "shockingly good-looking" and that it must be "strange to be that beautiful," and throw in the whole fact that he was 21 and she was 14 and it's just... yeah, the '90s was a strange time.

Here's the clip.