Last night on 'Claire Byrne Live' the TV presenter revealed that following her decision to stay at home for last week's episode for fear of having contracted Covid-19 and spreading the virus, she confirmed that she had tested positive.

Speaking very openly again last night, Claire Byrne once again appeared on her TV show via video link in her garden shed, while her colleague Sarah McInerney was presenting live in the studio.

Claire spoke of the process she went through before being diagnosed with the coronavirus, highlighting the fact that her symptoms weren't so bad before the illness hit her worse than she previously thought - she presumed it was just a regular head cold.

Claire made the decision to write down each person she might have spoken to for more than 15 minutes face to face, and called them to let them know of her diagnosis, and for them to get tested too. She said it was one of the most important processes she had done.

She also spoke honestly of the emotions she felt following her diagnosis. She said: "I felt guilty, I felt shocked and I felt worried."

Last night's episode of 'Claire Byrne Live' saw Channel 4 news anchor Jon Snow give his thoughts on the UK's stance towards Covid-19, following Prime Minister Boris Johnson's implementation of a strict lockdown last night.