Surprise surprise chucks, the one and only Cilla Black is making a big TV comeback with none other than fellow northern soul Paul O'Grady.

The pair, who have been firm friends for years, are teaming up to star in a sitcom called Led Astray on the BBC. It tells the tale of a lady called Tanya who discovers that her long lost half brother is an ex-con who has been in prison for quite some time.

Kind hearted Tanya offers O'Grady's Arthur a palce to stay when he's finally released, and we're sure some rather odd couple-eque antics are to be expected. It's still very early days though, and the pair have to film a successful pilot before the BBC gives them the green light for a full run.

It sounds like a rather risky move for 'our Cilla' and 'our Paul', but then again both of them already have a pretty successful few decades in showbiz under their respective belts so it's not as if they've got anything to lose now is it? Plus. the show's been written by Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran, the team who gave us smash hit comedy Birds of a Feather. We doubt Paul and Cilla would jump on board unless they trusted the team to a fairly good job.

We're sure there'll be a 'lorra lorra laughs', but we certainly hope we're chuckling for all the right reasons.