Just when you thought it was safe to turn the telly back on, Christopher Maloney's only gone and signed a recording contract. Do you hear that? It's the sound of nobody caring.

Speaking with the Liverpool Echo, the Scouse, eh, crooner revealed that while he had been snubbed by Simon Cowell's Syco, independent label Tristar records had agreed to take him on. What he's doing with an indie label we'll never know, but sure we couldn't understand how he topped the public vote so many weeks in a row either.

"I wanted full control over what I was doing and full creativity and I wanted a label that will look after me. I didn't want to go somewhere with big artists where I would be put on the sideline," Maloney said. "If I signed with another record company, it would have been a lot longer process and my fans are waiting for my album now." Yes Chris. That, and y'know, the fact that most other labels didn't want you after the whole X Factor debacle. We've got to admit, we do think things went a bit too far in the press while the poor fella was on the show, but there was something about the lovechild of Paul O'Grady and Rebecca Ferguson that was just a bit, well, naff.

Either way, the album is happening: "There's two people writing it at the moment and one producer," Maloney confirmed."People are expecting an album full of covers but that's not what I'm going to do. There may be one or two covers but it'll be mostly new stuff" he explanied, adding that the tunes will be "similar to Will Young's sound when he first came out".

Two choices for you there Maloney: Either retract that statement, or y'know, leave right now.