Sorry, wasn't a fan of the Christmas episode. Compare it to episode one of the most recent series, where Clara Oswald doesn't know she's a Dalek? Now that was good. The Christmas episode was the opposite, what with the simpering children, Clara's schizophrenic accent, and the worst special effects going (the graphics employed to depict the governess who froze in the pond... need we say more).

In saying that, I still resent being made wait 'til Easter to see the next installment. And it won't just be a another one-off bunny special; you're being permitted to enjoy an eight week run from Saturday March 30th.

Digital Spy reports: "[show runner Stephen] Moffat previously revealed that the show's 2013 run would include a 'modern urban thriller', a 'base-under-siege story', an 'absolutely mental' period drama and a 'fanboy-pleasing' finale. A one-off special - celebrating Doctor Who's 50th anniversary - is expected to follow the eight new episodes in November."

Below is a trailer for the upcoming season. Right then, Clara Oswald… time to find out who you are. FINALLY. We've only been strung along since last autumn.