When he's not been, like, being reeealdly neeervis onstage, he's only been shouting at researchers.

Digital Spy reports: "The former cruise ship singer, who made it to live shows via the Wildcard vote, was apparently taken aside and told to change his attitude after shouting at a researcher. 'Christopher is not making many friends,' a show source told The Sun. He was out of line with a researcher and he's been warned by top brass that he needs to wind his neck in or he'll get the shove'."

The article continued: "Maloney was previously branded a diva by the judges, with some contestants questioning his apparent nerves. An unnamed finalist was quoted as saying he 'could not be any more different off camera' and 'is actually quite big-headed', while eliminated singer Carolynne Poole said she was 'surprised' to see a 'confident, bold' Maloney suddenly become nervous on stage."

So he has actually had a career singing on a cruise ship. Yep, he's so nervous about performing that he wanted to add potential peril at sea to his crippling stage fright.
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