Chris Rock is set to join the fourth season of the critically acclaimed television series, 'Fargo', where he'll play the head of an African-American crime syndicate who's struck an easy peace with the opposing Italian-American mob.

In the press release for the announcement, the synopsis described how Rock's character traded his eldest son with the eldest son of the boss of the Italian-American mob in order to keep the peace, but when the leader of the Italian-American mob dies, the order begins to break down. The boilerplate theme is, essentially, about "immigration and assimilation and the things we do for money."

Previous reports suggested that showrunner Noah Hawley was considering setting the fourth season in the past, however going by this synopsis that no longer seems the case. Rock joins the likes of Billy Bob Thornton, Jesse Plemons, Patrick Wilson (our guy) and Ewan McGregor as male lead of the series, and bringing in Rock shows how much they're willing to experiment with the show's format and story in order to do something different.

Rock really hasn't done anything remotely serious, even with 'Fargo' and its gallows humour, in years. The closest he's gone to a dramatic role would be in his directorial effort, 'Top Five', which was literally about a successful comedian (that Rock played) who's trying to angle his way into serious, dramatic roles.

No airdate has been set for the fourth season of 'Fargo'.