For a serious actor who's put a lot of time, effort and training into their craft, a review can be a difficult thing - but that's not something Chris Pine has to worry about too much for his new Netflix movie, 'Outlaw King'.

As a number of critics found out during early screenings on the film festival circuit, most of the attention isn't on Chris Pine's accent or performance, it's on a fully-frontal nude scene he did which has captured everyone's attention. To be fair, male full frontal nude scenes are pretty much unheard of in mainstream movies, let alone Netflix's stuff - so this is justified.

Naturally enough, Pine was asked about it on 'Graham Norton' because d'uh that's exactly the kind of thing you're going to be asked about.

To be fair to Sally Field, she was more or less saying what probably everyone was thinking in the audience and watching home. Pine's dancing around the topic and then it's just, "NAKED." Never change, Sally Field, because nobody wants you to.

Fair play to Chris Pine, he's clearly happy with his lot that he's OK with bearing it to however many millions of people who are going to parse through 'Outlaw King' just to pause on that one moment.