Chris was a late addition to the 'Love Island' villa but he's fast becoming beloved among fans.

Chris originally had his eye on Maura, and subsequently Amber, upon entering the villa. He hadn't much luck with either and it seems his fortunes aren't changing anytime soon.

A new girl to 'Love Island', India, has caught Chris's eye. Two nights ago, they went on a date and seemed to get on well. The following day, India chose Ovie for a date after which the two got flirty in the pool.

Chris lay on the kitchen counter dejected and mourning his bad luck when it comes to girls. He told Belle "he's been 'Ovie'd" (when someone takes the girl you like), which is probably the best catchphrase to come out of this series since "It is what it is."

Chris's FML mood was relatable to a lot of folks on Twitter.

It prompted many to now proclaim the contestant their new favourite on the series.

Given the preview at the end of last night's episode hinted that India and Ovie are going to kiss tonight, it would seem Chris has indeed been 'Ovie'd' well and good.

'Love Island' continues on Virgin Media Two tonight at 9pm.