If you were already questioning how the 'Sex and the City' revival was going to work without Samantha, you've got to wonder how it's going to work without Big as well.

PageSix is reporting that Chris Noth - who played Big in the original series and the subsequent movies - is not returning to the series. The outlet also reports that David Eigelsberg, who played Steve Brady - Miranda's love interest - might also not be returning, though it's understood negotiations are ongoing.

The 2010 sequel movie saw Big and Bradshaw's married life on the rocks, but of course, they decided to work it out by the end of the movie. So, what's happening now with them? Well, our guess is she's newly single in New York, probably has a podcast (come on, it's too easy) and Big has probably divorced her and left the city. Why? Who cares.

As mentioned, Kim Cattrall has been adamant that she's not returning to the series, given her very public feuding with Sarah-Jessica Parker over the years. It'll mean that Cattrall is set to lose out on a very substantial payday, as the stars of the show are set to earn around $1 million per episode this time around.

The ten-episode revival is set to land on HBO Max in the US, but no firm release date has been announced so far.