Ever since it was announced that the BBC would no longer be employing Jeremy Clarkson for reasons we are all well aware of at this stage, the rumour mill has been running rife around the future of Top Gear. We know now that Chris Evans will take over as the main presenter, but there's still a question mark over who his co-hosts will be, with the show holding auditions open to the public for the gig.

We definitely know there will be a female presenter involved, as Evans confirmed as much last June, while he also said recently that he has picked his team already with filming having already began.

No official announcements have been made yet but on his BBC radio show this morning, Evans was listing off a list of incentives for his Children In Need auctions and said;

"The first Top Gear of the brand new run, you'll get there the day before. You'll have your own hot lap with The Stig. You'll be the star in the reasonably priced car. We'll then reveal who was quickest at a dinner hosted later that night by Suzi Perry at my pub, which I had forgotten about. Then you will come to the recording of the first show the next day".

So, eh, why is Suzi Perry mentioned if she's not on the Top Gear team? The Gadget Show presenter would certainly be a good fit given that she's covered MotoGP for the BBC for 13 years and the channel's Formula One coverage since 2013. In fact, she's an obvious choice really.

Although when asked previously if she would be working on the Top Gear team, Perry replied; "I'm away twenty weeks a year doing Formula 1. So unless someone has invented 48 hours in a day, it would be pretty tough I think for me to do it."

Hmmm, hard gig to turn down all the same. Watch this space, we reckon.

Top Gear will return to BBC2 in May 2016.