To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the cult show, Chris Evans will bring it back to Channel 4 for one night only.  

The show was hugely popular for the five series it was on air with Evans and presenter, and became a bit of a cult hit even after it went off air, thanks to it being one of the more controversial chat shows on TV at the time. 

Evans took to Twitter to confirm the news, which had been mooted earlier this year. Details of who will appear on the show have yet to be firmed up, but the man with the most popular radio show in England is on board anyway.

However, the maths are slightly off, as Evans himself pointed out: "I was completely bang up for it until I did the maths last week and had to phone them and say it’s only 19 years next year, it’s actually 20 years the year after. I think they still want to go for it and just hope no one notices."

If the Manics don't play on it given that they pretty much had a residency on there during the '90s, we refuse to watch.