Will she, or won't she? Cheryl Cole has reportedly only weeks left to decide if she will return to the next series of the The X Factor UK, and apparently top secret meetings have taken place in Simon's house over the weekend. Well clearly not that top secret, but close enough.

An insider told The Sun: "It was just him and Cheryl. Simon was offering an olive branch. It was a very civil evening [...] The pair are due to meet for another meal this week and an announcement about her return could be made within weeks.”

This comes after Simon's announcement last week that he would be returning to the show. So it could be just like old times back on the set of X Factor this summer, bet Louis is raging he left now.

All of this may do something to rescue the show from its dwindling ratings, as less and less of a shit is given by people about who's on the show. Simon and Cheryl back though? We'd definitely have to have a goo at that.