If you've been watching 'Chernobyl' from the start, there really is no mystery as to where it's going to end.

In fact, so much of 'Chernobyl' has been less about revealing a mystery than it has been about accepting truth in the face. The final episode, titled 'Vichnaya Pamyat', sees the board of inquiry convened on what happened in Chernobyl - and more precisely, who's responsible.

Like everything else in 'Chernobyl', the episode title speaks volumes about what's going on on screen. Loosely translated from Ukranian, 'Vichnaya Pamyat' means 'Eternal Memory' - and is often the parting phrase in funerals. In English, the phrase would be comparative with 'Rest In Peace'.

Of course, 'Eternal Memory' on its own means something else - literally, something that will never be forgotten. Given how impactful 'Chernobyl' has been so far, the same can be said for it.

The final episode airs on Sky Atlantic on Tuesday, June 4th at 2AM and later again that evening at 9PM.