Cher is known her singing career, her acting career, and her larger-than-life personality - so, really, the idea of her being arrested at the age of 11 for joyriding shouldn't surprise anyone.

Yet, when she told the story to Graham Norton, it sort of made sense in a way it obviously shouldn't. As she tells it, it was a simple case of her knowing how to drive from a very young age, and the fact that she and her friends are clearly the kind of people you don't leave waiting when you're off doing something.

Really though, more fool the guy who left his keys in the car. That's on him, really, and it's not like the car was wrecked after Cher drove it. Plus, as she said herself, she wasn't ''arrested'' as such - she was just taken to jail.

You'd imagine that'd terrify any teenager, much less an 11-year old. 'Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again!' arrives in Irish cinemas on July 27th.