Charlie Sheen got paid millions for playing a slight variation of himself in films. Then he got paid millions to play a drunk called Charlie in a sitcom. Now he's returning to your box with his new series Anger Management, where he "plays" an angry bastard also called Charlie, and it's just received the highest viewing figures for a scripted comedy "in cable history."

What. A jammy. Bastard.

According to sources, the first episode drew in 5.47 million viewers, with the second episode increasing to 5.74million. As with Two And a Half Men, "Anger isn't shy about mining Sheen's personal and professional past in creating the character of Charlie Goodson, a former ballplayer (shades of Major League) whose career was shortstopped when he tried to break a baseball bat over his leg in anger and blew his knee out."

Anger Management, co-starring Selma Blair (she deserves some success after the American version of Kath and Kim went bits up) is currently airing on FX every Thursday in the states. We’ve not been informed as to when it'll grace FX UK.

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