You may recall last year's series, which comprised of the British prime minister fornicating with a swine to "save" a princess from having her fingers dismantled (all in the name of 'ort'), and that pretty pants take on X Factor which was co-written with wife Konnie Huq.

This year, Charlie's promising "all sorts of unpleasant things… Like the last series we've done three stories that are three different genres. Last year we had a political thriller to do with pig f**king, and we had an Orwellian nightmare (I wouldn't elevate it to such a level, like I said, it was pants) and a kitchen sink drama. This time we have a story that is... it's a 'what if' scenario. What if, you died and your Twitter feed and Facebook statuses carried on going. What if there was some software that emulated what your personality was like. We've also got all sorts of unpleasant things and also one of them is very sad. That's a new thing."

As long as none of them are co-written by Konnie Huq this time, I'm happy.

As well as his new run of Black Mirror, Brooker also has that welcomed new series of Wipe starting somewhere on the Beeb this year, and two new series of A Touch of Cloth to make for SKY.