The end is here! After three solid seasons, the Lisa McGee creation on Channel 4 bows out on our TV screens tonight.

In honour of the finale airing on Channel 4 tonight, we've created a 'Derry Girls' quiz to see which of the five girlies you are most like.

The comedy series started back in 2018 to huge fanfare, putting Derry on the map. Blending the seriousness of The Troubles with the naiveness (and absolute anarchy) of its main cast isn't an easy thing to pull off, but we feel like Lisa McGee has accomplished this with just three seasons of the series.

And so, now that the end is near, we at wanted to find out which one of the five Derry Girls we're most like. Are we more out-there like Orla? More of a loose cannon like Michelle? Are we the friend who always takes it to 10 like Clare? Or are we the one who always comes up with a plan like Erin? Oh, or there's James, who always seems to be forgotten about.

Now's the time to find out once and for all which of the five main characters you are most like. Let us know who you are by sharing your results with us on social media.