Although Netflix's original efforts have mainly been focused on TV series and smaller, independent films, it's now beginning to dip its toe into the world of animated films - albeit in its own way.

Deadline reports that Netflix has signed up its first original animated film, signing on the creative time behind FX's Archer and roping in Channing Tatum as well. The film, called America: The Motion Picture, is described as an "R-rated revisionist history tale about the founding of the country," and will star Tatum in the lead role as George Washington.

Matt Thompson, one of the creators of Archer, will direct a screenplay from Dave Callaham, best known for creating The Expendables franchise with Sylvester Stallone. Meanwhile, Phil Lord, Chris Miller, Adam Reed and Channing Tatum will act as producers. It's not yet known if the cast of Archer will play a part or, indeed, if it'll have the same distinct animated features as the show, but you'd have to imagine there'll be a lot of shared DNA between the two.

No release date has been set for America: The Motion Picture, but no doubt there'll more on this pretty soon.


Via Deadline