We all feared that the move of 'Great British Bake Off' to Channel 4 would change the show irrevocably and it looks like some of those fears were justified.

Speaking today at Channel 4's annual report, the station's CCO Jay Hunt said that she's "quietly confident" about the series having seen the first episode, but warned that a lot changes were on the way.

"I have seen the first episode and the first thing you think is that this is Bake Off but with an extraordinarily high calibre of contributors but with a slight Channel 4 feel to it," she said.

"It’s got a new tone to it; it’s got a new comic riff to it and I think that feels modern and future-facing. So it’s a show that a lot of people love but with a slight Channel 4 spin which is exactly what I hoped it would be."

"The calibre of baking this year is absolutely jaw dropping," she added. "I have seen the first episode and I am quietly confident."


Good things come to those who bake. The Great British Bake Off. Coming soon to Channel 4. #GBBO

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The biggest change for viewers will be the hosts as Mel and Sue make way for Noel Fielding and Sandi Tovskig who won't be dispensing the double entendres and puns that we know and love and instead will focus on Fielding's "surreal" humour and Tovskig's "charming" ways.

"The show is modern in terms of its comic take and a lot of the humour will come from Noel’s surreal twists," said one production source. "We were delighted when we announced the team to see people on Facebook who were Noel fans saying they would watch the show when they hadn’t seen it before."

Still though, it's going to be hard to top those "soggy bottoms".

Via Radio Times