Please let them commission Just Around The Corner. Pleeease let them commission Just Around The Corner. It was the only thing that struck a chord during Channel 4's recent Funny Fortnight. Largely due to the bleakness. If you missed it, it's from the collective mind of Drop the Dead Donkey's Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin, and features a suburban family from a not too distant future living in a world of weekly floods, collapsed banks, DIY dentistry and a landscape awash with obsolete gadgets and dead bodies. It's a comedy, by the way.

Unfortunately we'll have to wait a while to see if that's going to be made into a series. At present, we only have confirmation that I'm Spazitcus (the fellah thought it was funny, me not so much. The scenarios are clever, but the execution falls a bit flat at times) and the stupendously laboured Dynasty-esque Bad Sugar are being commissioned.

Again, for those of you who didn't catch either of the aforementioned, I'm Spazticus is a "candid-camera" show in which people with physical disabilities make able bodied folk feel uncomfortable. By way of an example, reports that "students in an art class called police when a blind man groped a nude model as one of the hidden-camera stunts."

As for Bad Sugar; Sharon Horgan, Olivia Colman and Julia Davis seriously need to stop trampling on my fond memories of them from Pulling, Peep Show and series one of Nighty Night (series two was an abomination).

Speaking of the show getting a series, writers Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong said: "We're looking forward to spending 2013 writing for the three funniest women in Britain, while the producers stockpile mink stoles, shoulder pads and hairspray."

Hey, at least there's no mention of Whatever Happened to Harry Hill getting another airing…

Channel 4 says further commissions from the season will be announced over the coming months.