PJ Gallagher might not want to chuck out that Naked Camera just yet, because Channel 4 rather like what he did with it. So much, in fact, that they've only gone and given the green light for the show's latest reincarnation, Trojan Donkey, to be screened in the UK later this year.

Filmed in Dublin, the show stars Gallagher, Sharon Mannion and Strawberry Alarm Clock DJ Jim Jim Nugent, and is described by Laura Risearm (assistant editor of Channel 4 Comedy) as "a fresh take on the hidden camera show with irreverence at its core". Risearm and the team at Channel 4 have given the go ahead for 5 episodes of the 30-minute show to be broadcast later this summer. "We're proud to be developing a new wave of talent and Trojan Donkey gives the genre a real kick up the backside", she said.

Now, if you're expecting to see all of your old Naked Camera favourites back on d'telly, I'm afraid you'll be rather disappointed. Chortle claims that the only character to have survived the transition to the new show is PJ's Fixer. You'll remember him as that incredibly annoying taxi driver. Surprising, considering Jake Stevens was popular enough to get his own spin-off show, and record a Christmas single.

Anyway, it seems the gang are pretty chuffed with their achievement, and look forward to giving a few more unsuspecting members of the public the fright of their lives. "It's hilarious to watch as members of the public are drawn into the strange world that the characters PJ, Jim and Sharon create" executive producer Ronan McCabe said, "and how they find it almost impossible to walk away, even when things get utterly ludicrous."

There's no transmission date set as of yet, but we'll be sure to let you know when PJ and co will be back on your TV screens.