Earplugs at the ready folks, they're going to be a lot of screaming in Channel 4's next big offering. Yes, the they've only gone and ordered a one-off documentary about One Direction fans, *gulp* Titled I Heart One Direction, the 60-minute feature will take an in-depth look at the err, rather enthusiastic fanbase, known to most of us as Directioners.

The one-off production will aim to give us an insight into who they are, what they do, and why they do it, as well as exploring how social media have enabled them to form an online community and interact with the lads. We can't help but wonder if they'll also be finding out what inspires these teens to abuse fellow fans, harass the lads' former and current girlfriends, create detailed YouTube videos featuring said girlfriends, and direct death threats at a teeny tiny puppy? Or y'know, gatecrash family weddings, invade homes, and scare the bejaysis out of the boys themselves? It is a Cutting Edge production after all.

By the sounds of it, they'll be leaving all of that nasty stuff out though. Channel 4's Commissioning Editor Emma Cooper seemed to be focussing on the positives when she revealed what was to come: "I am incredibly excited about this Cutting Edge film and proud to call myself a fellow Directioner. It's brilliant to have Daisy Asquith involved who I know will make a young and joyful documentary that will give a voice to the millions of the 1D fans who love and follow them obsessively."

And if you're wondering who Daisy Asquith is, she's the Award-winning director who will helm the project, so there's no need to track her down and warn her off your favourite One Direction fella... for now. I Heart One Direction is due to air on Channel 4 later this summer.