There's a lot of quotable moments from The It Crowd, whether it's Moss' commentary on football, Jen trying to explain that entering Google into Google breaks the internet, or Roy asking if people if they've turned it on and off again.

Our favourite - and the reason why we're even talking about this - is Douglas Reynholm's entrance to his father's funeral. Matt Berry's character bursts open the church door and yells FATHER at the top of his lungs, and it's just incredible. Therefore, it makes total sense that Channel 4's official YouTube has been livestreaming this scene on repeat this entire weekend.

Total and complete sense. Don't believe us? Here's the live video from YouTube below.

It just keeps going on and going and going and going and going. For the entire weekend. Incredible stuff, really. It sort of turns into some kind of visual art piece after the first five minutes or so.


Via YouTube