We had Phonejacker, which we enjoyed largely thanks to the animations. Then we had Facejacker, which we didn't enjoy so much due to the lack of animation and influx of face prosthetics. Then Facejacker went to America, which was rubbish. And now, Channel 4 are giving Facejacker's Terry Tibbs (AKA Kayvan Novak trussed up as a dodgy salesman) his own one-off chat show 'special.'

Given it's a one-off, you'd expect a sterling line-up, particularly since these 'specials' are essentially pilots and will be turned into a series if well received… OK, so they're having Mickey Rourke on, but he'll appear on anything as long as he's allowed to bring a beverage onstage with him. The other guest billed is - wait for it - Anthea Turner. Special.

Channel 4's head of comedy said: "Kayvan is an extremely fertile (steady) and versatile character comedian with awesome powers of improvisation. Terry Tibbs is a brilliant invention and we are delighted to encourage Kayvan's growth as a major force in British comedy."

Speaking of the show to Digital Spy, Novak himself said: "This show is going to be the bee's balls."

Verry Terry is due to air as part of Channel 4's Funny Fortnight throughout August.