You won't want to miss a minute of Channel Four tomorrow night as they go full throttle into their Stand Up For Cancer campaign. There is a whole host of great shows in the lineup, but the highlight has to be Celebrity Gogglebox, where a few famous faces will take over from the ordinary Joe's we've come to know and love, to give their views on what's been on the box this past week.

Some of the celebs in question will be... Noel Gallagher, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell! Not a bad mix, if a bit nineties. As well as that trio, Paul O'Grady and Kathy Burke will be enjoying a tipple as they give their verdict on the week's TV. The lot of them will be watching Strictly Come Dancing, The X Factor and Downton Abbey - handy enough way to raise a bit of dosh for charity 'ey?

Noel is apparently meant to be cringing while watching The X Factor though as he turned down Simon Cowell's offer to become a judge, which his daughter has never forgiven him for. “She tut tuts at the screen saying, ‘That could’ve been you slagging them off’ he says. He would have probably made a great judge in fairness, but his image surely would have taken a hit, you'd hope anyways.

They aren't the only celebs on Channel Four tomorrow though, the evening will kick off at 7pm with hosts Davina McCall, Alan Carr, Christian Jessen and The Last Leg lads while later on there will be some very odd celeb pairings indeed...

Randomly, Jamie Oliver and Taylor Swift will be getting together for a sketch of some kind, while Andy Murray and Richard Ayoade will be screen testing some famous faces, and later on Martin Freeman and his wife Amanda Abbington will be having their minds blown by Derren Brown. Last but most definitely not least, Will Ferrell will be presenting an exclusive sketch!

See now, all winner no filler tomorrow on Channel Four! Sorry Graham, you may have to wait until Saturday.