The show is due to kick off this January, but everybody already reckons Rylan Clark is going to win. That's assuming the recently ousted X Factor contestant is part of the line up; the only info that's been released so far is a press shot of Brian Dowling and Emma Willis looking furry.

The Daily Mirror reports: "Rylan's hot property now he's established himself as a fully-fledged celebrity and it's impossible to see him turning down a future in reality TV." Well, there's not many other options left open to him, to be honest.

While we're speculating, the Daily Mail reckons Nadine Dorries hasn't had enough reality TV after her stint in the Jungle, while "other stars who are rumoured to take part in the upcoming series include rock opera singer Meat Loaf and former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, although the latter has already retweeted a statement from his son saying he'd 'never' appear on the show."

Celebrity Big Brother kicks off sometime in January on Channel 5. Because January isn't bleak enough.