After the shock removal of Christopher Biggins last night from the "Celebrity" Big Brother house, many speculated as to what the specific reasons were.

Some suggested it was over health concerns whilst many believed it was due to highly inflammatory and racist comments he made. Biggins' persona was always confrontational and designed to shock, however the rumoured comments were pretty bad.

A transcript circulated on Twitter last night, which had it that Biggins was making anti-Semitic and derogatory remarks aimed towards Katie Waissel, who was apparently deeply upset by them.

Nobody exactly knows what was said and it's not even clear if they'll be aired in tonight's episode, however CBB were forced to address the rumours in a tweet this morning.

It's not yet known specifically if the transcript is genuine or not, however the official CBB account claiming it's false should give us an indication. According to reports in British tabloids, Biggins has had a crack team of publicists to defend his image and bracing for the worst.

Biggins has made controversial remarks in the past and has been an outspoken supporter of the Conservative Party.

CBB airs tonight on TV3 at 10.30pm.