It only took 8 years but CBS is finally calling time on How I Met Your Mother. Have you met Ted? No? Then you'd better get a move on.

CBS has confirmed that Ted, Barney, Robin, Marshall and Lily will be back in the autumn for one last hurrah, though they've yet to confirm how long the series will be. If we're talking a Gossip Girl style 8 episode final series whirlwind then we're not complaining. This little saga has gone on for long enough.

We weren't too surprised to hear that all of the main cast members will be returning to say buh-bye but one question was plaguing us: How on earth were they going to film Ted's kids' reactions to the big reveal? Surely Lyndsey Fonseca and David Henrie (who played 'em, obvs) are far too old for that now?

Well it seems the gang at HIMYM were thinkin ahead and if rumours are to be believed they filmed it all back during season 2. Meaning HIMYM could have been over and done with about 6 or 7 seasons ago...

But where's the fun in that eh?