It seems like we haven't heard the last of the Roxanne Pallet/Ryan Thomas spat in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house.

Although the Emmerdale actress apologised to Thomas in her first interview since leaving the house yesterday, she was accused by many of being insincere and the apology scripted, while BBC interviewer Jeremy Vine was chastised for going too easy on her.

Her second interview, however, wasn't so easy.

Pallet returned to the CBB studio last night for her exit interview, where presenter Emma Willis took a hard line, telling her "Lots of people aren’t buying your apology" and adding "Did you ever consider the implications it would have on him? Can you imagine if the cameras hadn’t been there? You could’ve ruined somebody", before questioning why she had changed her tune after coming out of the house and gauging the public reaction.

Pallet replied: "I feel devastated. It cripples me with embarrassment and shame that I could’ve put someone in that position – seeing Ryan in the diary room distressed…"

At one point, Willis said: "Did you believe your own story? That's quite worrying, Roxanne."

Watch it and see the Twitter reaction below: