Although Westworld's second season is a long way off, there definitely seems to be growing hype for the series on foot of its latest casting announcement.

Hiroyuki Sanada has signed on as a series regular, which confirms that a pretty substantial portion of the show will be set in the recreation of feudal Japan that was seen in the final episode. Sanada has a pretty lengthy filmography, turning up in James Mangold's The Wolverine alongside Hugh Jackman, and in The Last Samurai with Tom Cruise.

Sanada will play a character called Musashi, a name he shares with a legendary Japanese swordsman from the 16th century. Sanada's character was initially revealed back in June, when a series of Funko Pop figures from Westworld were shown at San Diego Comic-Con included a character called Musashi.

As well as this, Jimmi Simpson - who played the younger version of Ed Harris' character - also confirmed that he's returning for the second season, which honestly just raises even more questions.

Westworld's second season returns in the spring of 2018.