Fans of Community will know Donald Glover well as the hilarious Troy Barnes, fans of rap will know him as the talented Childish Gambino, while he also stars in upcoming Magic Mike XXL. Basically he's an all round impressive dude, and now he's gone and got a comedy series all of his own on FX called 'Atlanta'.

Not only that, but he will produce, write and star in it as Earnest “Earn” Marks, who’s described as a “loner who left Atlanta only to return; now working an unglamorous job and barely getting by. When his cousin Alfred becomes Atlanta’s hottest rapper, Earn sees an opportunity to manage Alfred’s career."

It's also now been revealed who will play Alfred, with Brian Tyree Henry of Boardwalk Empire and The Book of Mormon fame taking on the role, while other cast members include Lakeith Lee Stanfield (Short Term 12) and Zazie Beetz.

Sounds pretty damn awesome.