With the stellar 'Schitt's Creek' comedy series all but a distant memory now, it's always exciting to see any of the cast member back in the spotlight. And last night's 73rd Annual Emmy Awards appearance proved that the world can't get enough of the Rose family and their misfortune.

Taking to the stage to present two awards at last night's show, the cast of 'Schitt's Creek' presented the Emmys for Best Writing in a Comedy Series and Best Directing in a Comedy Series (HBO's 'Hacks' took home both awards). It's only fitting that the big winner from last year's virtual event (which took home 9 awards, including for each of the four main stars) present back to back nominations.

Dan and Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara and Annie Murphy all reunited on stage to do the honours, except there was one major problem with their arrival on stage - the teleprompter appeared to be out of use.

As the skit progressed, however, we learn that the teleprompter wasn't really out of use at all, but one of the actors had managed to piss off the writers earlier that day - resulting in the hilarious ad-lib we see before us.

Here's how the moment unfolded.

After the celebrity-filled audience managed to pull themselves back together after the skit, it was time for the foursome's comeback for their second presenting gig of the night. Thankfully, the teleprompter was back in use for round two, but that doesn't necessarily mean that everyone on stage had an equal amount of dialogue.

Here's your second 'Schitt's Creek'-filled Emmys fix.