The Element Pictures adaptation of Sally Rooney's first book has found its cast.

And so, 2022 will be the release date for the follow-up to 'Normal People'. The TV series, starring Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones, was one of the highlights of a year where we all stayed inside a bit longer than anticipated. Naturally, fans have waited with bated breath as to when word of the hugely successful author's next series would be revealed. Today is that day, with 'Conversations with Friends' scheduled for release in 2022.

The novel was published in 2017 and was Sally Rooney's debut. However, it will be her second BBC/Hulu TV series, with 'Normal People' already having laid the foundation of how thought-provoking and real an Irish-based drama series could be.

The cast of the series will see newcomer Alison Oliver star as Frances, who will be joined by Sasha Lane ('The Miseducation Of Cameron Post') as Bobbi, Joe Alwyn ('The Favourite') as Nick, and Jemima Kirke ('Sex Education') as Melissa.

In the book, we follow Frances, who is a 21-year-old college student who navigates different relationships. Quite sharp and to the point, we'll see the character's vulnerabilities begin to come to the surface for the first time.

She still remains good friends with her ex-girlfriend Bobbi, and the two are nearly inseparable. One night they meet Melissa, who becomes fascinated by the pair, and the three women begin to hang out, as well as with Melissa's husband, Nick. However, lust ensues, and the relationship between the four friends is tested to its limits.

Filming will take place this year on locations in and around Dublin and Belfast. The series will also shoot internationally, with locations yet to be confirmed.

Oscar-nominated director Lenny Abrahamson ('Room') will be back to helm 'Conversations with Friends', and this time he will be sharing directorial duties with Leanne Welham ('His Dark Materials').

'Conversations with Friends' will air in 2022 on RTÉ, BBC Three, and Hulu over in the States.