Time for another carpool karaoke. At this point James Corden is - dare we say it - kind of grating on our nerves? As good as he is, he could do with talking a little less and giving the guest more air time, but having said that, this is still one of our favourite sketches on US late night TV. Last night's guest was the gorgeous Selena Gomez who we've always liked. She's sound, she doesn't claim to be the world's greatest singer but she's still capable of producing a tune and a half. Good for you is one of our faves. Anyhoo, here she joins Corden on his way to work. They go for some McDonald's 'cause Gomez is a McDonald's-eating kinda gal, they go on a rollercoaster 'cause Gomez is so cool she doesn't even squirm on one and then they sing some okay songs and talk about the squad and feminism. She also divulges that she's in the market for not one but potentially several boyfriends. 

What we really want now is for Taylor Swift, Tom Hiddleston and Calvin Harris to go on the show all at once, can you imagine how many views that would garner?