Here's all your soapy bits for the week ahead...


The guilt gets to Andy this week as he sees Aaron in court for shooting Robert, knowing an innocent man could down for it. He ends up confessing to Ashley that he knows Aaron didn't do it leading to a chain of events that results in Robert discovering that Andy was involved in his shooting.

It all leads to a showdown between the pair on Wednesday and Thursday as Robert confronts Andy, and they end up in their cars, facing each other, revving engines.... don't they ever learn? This is pretty much exactly like the brothers’ previous feuding encounter ten years ago when they ended up in a car crash that killed Max King at the time. Here's hoping everybody makes it out of this encounter alive...

Fair City

High drama in Fair City this week!

First off, Debbie finds herself in a dangerous situation with Cathal in the hotel, as on her last day of work there she heads to the basement to fix something but stumbles across a safe with a load of cash. Cathal catches her there and locks her in... and it doesn't look good for poor Debbie. Oh dear...

Elsewhere, Cathal's father Flynn is determined to get revenge on Robbie and Carol and ends up holding them, together with Paul and Niamh, at The Station pub at gun point. Yes, a GUN. In Fair City. Shockin' stuff altogether.


Ronnie sets her plans in motions to get Dean out of Roxy's life for good this week in EastEnders, although that goes awry tonight when she discovers the pair plan on moving out of London together. She sets it up so his salon is broken into therefore making it so he can't leave, although later on in the week Dean works it out that it was Ronnie behind it and ups his game by proposing to Roxy. Ronnie is more determined than ever to show Roxy what Dean is like once and for all, but will her plan work out?

Coronation Street

Gail is all about making plans for a party to show off her new annexe tonight, although naturally enough, Kylie isn't too keen on attending given that they will literally be dancing on Callum's grave. Convinced she can smell Callum's rotting corpse, Kylie sniffs the annexe carpet, with David telling her that she's imagining things, pointing out that if they hadn't buried Callum's body, she'd now be serving a prison sentence. However, they realise too late that Gail has caught the tail end of their conversation, just how much has she heard? Elsewhere, Tracy is raging when she arrives home and discovers Nessa and Ken getting cosy, accusing Ken of showing no respect for Deirdre. Yeah, hear hear Tracy!

Also this week, Liz has an ultimatum for Tony, either give Steve back his share of the pub or they are over.

Red Rock

McKay realises that Paudge could be the rat in the station they have been looking for, which comes as a shock to Sergeant Tyrell, but McKay assures her that he has a reliable source giving him reason to suspect that Paudge has been the one leaking information to Beady ‘Lazer’ Burke.

Thursday sees McKay even more determined to find out who the informant is, he dispatches all the Gardaí from the station, to take down Beady’s men. How will Paudge react when he is put face to face with Beady for questioning?

Elsewhere, poor Michael is left heartbroken when Siobhan discovers she will be moving to Thailand sooner than expected. Patricia will be delighted anyways.