It's true! One of the actors in the Oscar nominated Captain Phillips movie is set to join the cobbles. Okay I'm sorry, it is true - but I may have hyped this one up just a little. *ducks for cover*. Tom Hanks isn't about to make his soap debut or anything. It's actually British actor Marc Anwar, who is in fact in Captain Phillips I swear - you can see him at least three, maybe even four times in the background.

Marc Anwar played one of the Maersk Alabama Crew, so popped up from time to time when the pirates were doing all their hijacking. You might also remember him for his Emmerdale role though, when he played Dr. Ajit Devgan.

Now he is on his way to Corrie to play the role of Kal's (Jimi Mistry) dad. You know Kal, don't you? That new fella who has partnered up with Dev, and pretty much managed to become Weatherfield's answer to Mr Motivator. He looked like a bit of a periphery role when he first arrived, but now with the old man arriving it could mean there is more planned for fitness coach Kal. He may even manage to get them all out of the Rovers and into the gym - although, scratch that, nobody wants to see Norris on a treadmill.