You probably heard the news recently that former Top Gear presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May had landed a deal with streaming service Amazon for a new TV series. There had been rumours for some time about where the lads next move would be, with the likes of Netflix and ITV said to be in the running, but it seems the budget Amazon offered made them the obvious choice.

The new motoring show will have the incredible amount of €220 million to play with for what is a three year 36-episode deal, working out at €6.4m (£4.5m) per episode.

Producer Andy Wilmon admitted to Broadcast that it was this amount that swung the deal explaining; "It was very parochial the way this whole thing started. It's not our forte doing deals. We're all crap at business."

He went on to say how the four of them went through all the offers on the table and decided that their main priority was complete editorial freedom, plenty of money and no car adverts.

Speaking about Amazon, he said: "Every one we have talked to has told us: 'They leave you alone to make your show'. That's a big one for us - we don't like interference, we don't need to be policed."

It's looking like the show will be launched in Autumn of 2016, with episodes set to be an hour in length and released on a week by week basis in the UK, US and Germany.