With the Premier League season well and truly underway we know you've all been hoping to see BT Sport on our beloved TV App and today we can finally confirm that it's just one of 21 new channels that have been added to entertainment.ie's TV listings.

See how to add the new channels to 'My Channels' on our TV Guide app below.

The much sought after BT Sport 1 and 2 top the bill, primarily because you'd been telling us just how much you really wanted to see their listings on site. We quite simply couldn't say no to our loyal readers.

Sport aside, TLC brings the somewhat infamous Honey Boo Boo into the fold too. If you haven't met her yet then you're in for a real treat, but if she's not your thing there's always a bit of Oprah instead. Plus Sky Living It, Discovery Shed, Discovery Home & Health, Home, Good Food, and the Travel Channel offer even more variety when it comes to lifestyle programming.

ID Investigation Discovery is definitely one for the sofa sleuths, Yesterday is jam packed with historical documentaries, and Really brings us everything from Ellen to MasterChef, Undercover Boss to The OC. There's no end of old school drama on the aptly named Drama, and we're sure that both Animal Planet and Eden will be welcome additions for nature fanatics.

And of course, they may be back to school this week, but we can't forget the kids. RTE Jr, Disney Channel, CBeebies, Nicktoons and Cartoon Network Too all make an appearance from here on in.

So, if you're not sure what to watch tonight just head on over to our TV listings, or check out our free iPhone app. Don't worry, there's something for everyone so there's no need to start fighting over the remote.

New Channels:
BT Sport 1
BT Sport 2
Sky Living It
Disney Channel
Discovery Shed
Discovery Home & Health
Travel Channel
ID Investigation Discovery
Discovery Turbo
Animal Planet
Cartoon Network Too
Good Food

To add a channel to 'My Channels' on the TV Guide app:

1.)  Go to TV Listings
2.)  Tap the Heart Icon at the top-right of the screen.
3.)  Tap the heart beside the channels you want to add.

You can manage your favourite channels by going to 'My Channels' in the app.


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