One of our generation's biggest character arcs in TV history may be getting a reprisal - if Bryan Cranston has anything to do with it.

Bryan Cranston as Walter White in 'Breaking Bad' is arguably one of the most revolutionary roles we have seen play out on TV screens in recent years. Having won numerous awards for his role as the man who goes on to become known as "Heisenberg" on the streets of New Mexico, the actor has now spoken of wanting to return to the character once again.

The 'Breaking Bad' actor has recently been doing the rounds for his latest movie 'The One and Only Ivan', arriving on Disney+ August 14, and spoke of such an idea. But how would he reprise his role? The spin-off series 'Better Call Saul'.

The prequel series, which stars Bob Odenkirk as the notoriously sly Saul Goodman from the original 'Breaking Bad' series, is due to return for a final, sixth season at some point in the future. There are rumours that the final entry in the series might be split into two parts, just like its former series was, in order to flesh out the storyline and tie up any loose ends. But will we see Bryan Cranston as Walter White once again? Maybe.

According to Collider, the actor said in a recent interview: "I have been asked to direct an episode every single season and it just didn’t work out because of a commitment to doing a play or doing a movie or something, so I wasn’t able to section out the times available.

"But I do love the show. I think it’s a fantastic show."

However, the decision isn't his to make. He continued: "I would be in it if Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, who are co-executive producers on it, wanted me to be in it. I would do it in a second. But it hasn’t happened yet, I can tell you, and we’ll see.

"I don’t know. There’s one more season to go and we’ll see what happens!"

*Twiddles moustache* Interesting... Let's see if Walter White does indeed make an appearance in the upcoming final season of 'Better Call Saul'.