An upcoming episode of the new season of 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' will deal with issues arising out of the #MeToo movement.

While specific details weren't mentioned, showrunner Dan Goor told Variety that Amy Santiago, played by Melissa Fumero, would be involved in the storyline.

"By the end of our time at Fox, we were doing a lot of interesting episodes that didn’t follow our normal pattern or structure and I think we are doing more of that this year. And also, in Seasons 4 and 5 we started dipping into more issues, and we’re doing more of that, too, now," Goor explained.

It's not the first time 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' has explored social issues either.

One whole episode was devoted to Terry - played by Terry Crews - experiencing racial profiling and being counseled by Captain Holt not to report it because it'd ruin his career. Another episode focused on Rosa Diaz coming out as a bisexual.

The new series kicks off on US television from January 10th.