After its cancellation and subsequent rescue by NBC, 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' debuted with its highest ratings in two years on Thursday and a string of positive reviews, both from professional critics and audiences alike.

The opening episode of the sixth season had 3.6 million viewers, according to figures seen by EW, up 71% from last season's opening episode.

Granted, the bump in figures may have been helped by the fact that Andy Samberg was hosting this year's Golden Globes. Not only that, Samberg also turned up in the middle of Seth Meyers' popular 'Closer Look' segment on 'Late Night With Seth Meyers', riffing on the fact that the segment is hugely popular on YouTube.

EW also gave the opening episode a B+ rating, adding that "the show’s goofy sweetness... makes it through the transition from Fox to NBC completely intact." IndieWire, likewise, gave the episode a positive review and said that "it's still the same show and still great."

No air date has been confirmed for the sixth season of 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' on this side of the Atlantic, but it's expected to appear on E4 at some stage in the coming months, if not hopefully sooner.