'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' has been renewed for Season 8.

NBC announced the news late last night, confirming rumours that the smash sitcom was expected to run for at least another season after being cancelled and then brought back in the space of just a few days.

Just last weekend, the premiere date for the show's seventh season was confirmed for February 6th with an two-part, hour-long episode to kick things off. So, how excited were the actual cast of 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' about the news?

Excited enough to do this video, for one.

It really is kind of remarkable how not two seasons ago, 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' was all but finished by Fox and pretty much done for. Yet, when the likes of Mark Hamill, Lin-Manuel Miranda and an outpouring of positive fan support flooded in, NBC swooped in and took the show on.

It's fantastic stuff, and if you haven't started the show yet, the first five seasons are on Netflix Ireland and UK right now. If you've seen that video of the criminal line-up singing 'I Want It That Way' and thought it was hilarious, you've really only seen one part of it.

Check this out, for instance.