Charlie Brooker is rather busy lately, what with scripting spoof shows for SKY 1, appearing on satire shows, still writing a column for the Guardian, and then there's the small matter of becoming a father for the first time - so you'd be forgiven for fretting about the demise of BBC4's myriad of Wipes. There's not been a full series since 2010, you know.

Well, fret not, there will be more Wipe - in some guise or another. Here's what he had to say at the Edinburgh TV Festival:

"The Wipe franchise is going to return in a slightly new form - beyond news, beyond screen, beyond games… I think it'll be a kind of omni-wipe. It's like an Emperor Dalek, it combines all the best and all the worst of all the different Wipes we've done, hopefully all in one."

So either he's either creating an uber-wipe to end all wipes, or a rehashed compilation show from the four series of Screenwipe, the two series of Newswipe and that one Gameswipe he did that time.

We (I) miss you, Charlie. Get that great big wily fringe of yours back onscreen whenever feasible - preferably without the incessant interference from that Jimmy Carr. Now GO AWAY.
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