A documentary based on the life of career of Brittany Murphy is coming to streaming service HBO Max this Thursday, October 14.

'What Happened, Brittany Murphy' is a two-part series which is "an intimate, in-depth character portrait" that "explores her life beyond headlines, celebrating her legacy and investigating her tragic and untimely death."

It features interviews with the actress's former co-stars, including 'King of the Hill's Kathy Najimy.

The doc series shines a light on Murphy's marriage to London-born screenwriter Simon Monjack.

Monjack is accused of repeatedly lying in the trailer, such as making up claims that he had survived terminal brain cancer and dated Madonna and Elle MacPherson.

The series also looks at the pressures Brittany Murphy was put under by the Hollywood movie industry. She lost weight and changed her image to look more the part of a "leading lady."

The actress starred in such films as 'Clueless', 'Girl, Interrupted', and '8 Mile', as well as 'Just Married', 'Uptown Girls' and 'Sin City'.

The coroner's report stated that her death in 2009 was accidental, caused by pneumonia, anemia and multiple drug intoxication.

Documentarian Cynthia Hill explores the theories surrounding Brittany Murphy's life and death in the HBO Max doc.

Its air date in Ireland and the UK is TBC.