Eh here wha'? We have our own bleedin' talent shows Britain, you're grand. Although there has been a slight gap in the market since the All Ireland Talent Show morphed into The Voice of Ireland. All our sean-nos singers and dancers have been banished over to TG4 where there's some kind of different reality show competition on every week, at least we think that's what we're watching...

So maybe it would be good to have Britain's Got Talent step in and give someone a leg up in this cut-throat showbiz world, where being Robert Pattinson's sister is enough to get you into the live shows of a nationwide singing competition. (He might show up like!)

The talent show is taking on their biggest ever tour to discover just who will be crowned the biggest talent in all the land... and now Ireland too. Although surely it should be called British Isles Got Talent now so?

BGT executive producer, Amelia Brown, said: "Britain's Got Talent has an amazing record of celebrating fantastic talent and changing people's lives – from Susan Boyle and Diversity through to Paul Potts, Ashleigh and Pudsey and this year's winners Collabro.

"They all took a chance and applied for the show and that's what we want you to do this year. We can't wait to see the talent that the UK has to offer."

Ahem, and Ireland Amelia, AND IRELAND!

Anyways, those of you with mad skillz out there probably just want to know when and where this is taking place, so we'll tell you. Simon Cowell will be holding auditions at The DoubleTree by Hilton Dublin, Burlington Road on Sunday the 9th of November.

If you're on the fence about applying, have a look at this tasty montage below.