No doubt you're reading this and thinking, "Hey, why are, Ireland's biggest and longest-running entertainment news website, covering a sports story about former Ireland manager Brian Kerr reacting to a soccer victory?"

Because, reader, joy is in short supply in this world.

Look out into the world. The weather where you are - unless you're not in Ireland - is probably miserable. The leader of the free world is a failed businessman. To the east of this island, the United Kingdom tears itself apart with infighting and threatens the security and prosperity of Europe. We are facing an existential crisis in our environment.

Yes, joy is in short supply in this world. Yet, this moment right here, this 38-second clip of Brian Kerr happily following along a game of soccer. This is joy. This is the light that will guide mankind to the future. He is so happy that it can't be contained, and he doesn't care who knows it.

Joy is in short supply in this world. Let us have this moment.