'Succession' was such a well-written show that you could spend hours debating who had the best lines, or what the best line in the entire series was.

Brian Cox's character Logan Roy certainly had his fair share of them - and now the Scottish actor has revealed exactly what his favourite was.

*Warning: 'Succession' spoilers ahead!*

When talk show host Seth Myers put the same question to him, Cox immediately answered: “'I love you, but you’re not serious people' … that really sort of summed it all up, didn’t it?"

The line was part of the final conversation that Roy would have with his children Kendall, Shiv and Roman in the show, in the episode before his unexpected death. When he meets his three children in a karaoke booth to offer them an olive branch - which they don't accept - he turns on his heel leaving those words echoing in their ears.

"Well, actually, it was my favorite line that I had to say throughout the whole show,” added Cox. "I loved that line and I just thought, ‘Why didn’t I say that earlier?’ They were damned unserious most of the time."

Cox also discussed the big ending where it was revealed that Logan bypassed his children to install his son-in-law Tom Wambsgans as his successor. "What I felt was that I thought Tom was very kind to [Logan]," he said. "At one point, [Logan] had a UTI infection and Tom actually helped him. And I think, ‘Well, you have to put up with my horrible daughter, so I have to give you something to reward you.'"

Watch the full interview below: