The hotel receptionist said: "I know neither of you. I don't watch television." Well, it's nice to know he didn't treat them any differently than us commoners. But come on!

Two people trying to check into the same hotel with the same name does not compute, according to this particular hotel in London. The computer very much says "no". While the name of the hotel remains a mystery, it nearly didn't let Brian Cox and Brian Cox stay there at the same time last night.

One is a scene-stealing actor and the other is a physicist and former musician - but no matter their film, television or scientific background - they both had a bit of a nightmare trying to check into the same hotel ahead of their appearance on this morning's 'BBC Breakfast'.

According to Brian Cox, the actor, who was relaying what happened when Brian Cox, the physicist, arrived at the hotel, the hotel receptionist said to him: "We can't have two Brian Coxes."

Even after trying to show the receptionist a picture of the forthcoming Brian Cox who would be checking in later, the receptionist stood their ground and clapped back: "I know neither of you. I don't watch television." Spicy.

Here's Brian Cox and Brian Cox retelling their rather hilarious hotel debacle, which did get resolved in the very end, thankfully.

Brian Cox, the actor, can be found on HBO's 'Succession' as Logan Roy. The dramedy will be back with a new season next year. Brian Cox, the physicist, has a brand new book out which is all about black holes, entitled 'Black Holes: The Key to Understanding the Universe'.

Here they both are, posing for a picture after their hotel ordeal.