Ah, poor Limahl, he's been overlooked again (he got kicked out last night after being in the bottom two against Hugo. He immediately wondered "where the Gay vote was").

Anyway, here's what Brian Conley had to say during his interview on today's Daybreak regarding his sudden departure from the jungle during the week:

"Two days after six days of not eating, I didn't have antidepressants. They said if I did not comply with these regulations, then I would not be on the show." OK, if you find that confusing that's because it is. Brian decided he was going to stop taking his antidepressants for the first time in 15 years while filming a non-stop reality TV show. While that is extremely brave in one respect, it might not have been the best situation in which to do it.

He continued: "I started feeling really bad, and very shortly after that I did have to leave. I found out I was malnutritioned and I was suffering from exhaustion, that's what the doctor said. They then sedated me for two days, they gave me a tablet that could knock out a horse and I woke up with a saline drip in my arm. I was thinking, 'What on earth has happened here?' All because of a fluffy show that Ant & Dec do. I can tell you it's not fluffy out there, it's the real world. It's tough, real tough."

Of the antidepressants, he added: "I felt bad because it was out of my control, it was their decision... I couldn't lie to them [about not taking them]. It got very serious when it got legally binding. I brought these tablets in, and I've got to take them. I've taken those for 15 years, I've had people say, 'You probably don't need them now'. I'm proud I stuck to my guns and I got through it, and it's made me a much stronger man. You're looking at a man who doesn't need antidepressants... What I want to do now is publicise depression. I've touched it when my father died, it's nothing to be ashamed of. I've needed help. The hardest job is making people laugh when your dad just died. I bottled it up for a year. I was self-medicating on alcohol. These kind of things happen in the real world."

He added: "I don't regret it, I want to champion and be very much a part of helping people with depression."

Brian also mentioned he's well enough to return to panto this Christmas.